Phoenix, drying up and blowing away?

Hillary is battling hard for a chance to upstage Barrack at the eleventh hour. If she is successful in beating Obama tomorrow, it could be due to broad support from ignorant masses who eat up the notion that she can do something about the power of OPEC.

“That’s not a market. That’s a monopoly,” she said. Ben Smith states in his blog, “It’s a potent message, like the attack on ‘Wall Street money brokers,’ with deep roots in American politics.” It also happens to be an absurdity, another phenomenon with deep roots in our political tradition.

Ignore the crazy image of the male leaders of the middle east kowtowing to a female American president representing a country without the financial or political capital to force the issue. The reason she can’t do anything about OPEC is that they can’t do anything about the supply of oil.

World oil production has been nearly flat for the last three years. It’s not because the oil producers aren’t trying. The price of oil is at an all-time record. Why would any sane business person hold back?

World oil production flattens out

This was predicted first by a geologist named M. King Hubbert back in the 1950’s. Peak oil theory states that we won’t be going up much further, if at all. And then, oil will become increasingly scarce. (Even if supply doesn’t fall in real terms, which it eventually will, oil will become increasingly scarce due to growing demand.)

Any way you cut it, high oil prices are here to stay and grow, Hillary be damned. The price of oil will fall eventually, when people stop demanding it. But, people won’t do that unless we create some viable alternatives.

There are many ideas. None are easy to implement, especially as our nation goes broke. (Thanks, George, for the three trillion dollar (to-date) NEEDLESS war! History will judge you alright!)

Why does this matter to the good people of Phoenix? Because we live in a friggen desert, in a city that did not consider the antiquated notion of ‘pedestrians’ during its boom years! It’s the reason the gloomiest predictions regarding peak oil feature the absolute demise of Phoenix.

I have a problem with this idea, though. I realize we live in a harsh environment, and that the magnitude of the problems peak oil presents — which are just beginning to be felt — stagger the mind. But, I also believe we have the ability to innovate, adapt, and cope. I do foresee a lot of pain as energy shortages and economic problems set in. But, I don’t see Arizona just drying up and blowing away. It’s a state, for god-sake.

The previous statement may seem absurd to some people. Civilizations do collapse, after all. We’re not immune. It will come down to the choices we make, individually and communally.

I am looking forward to meeting people who are aware of the issue, and writing about how various people are handling it. No matter how you slice it, it’s our problem to deal with.

Many people will blame politicians. Some of it will be deserved. They do make some asinine decisions. But, that’s also because they represent us. We make asinine decisions, too.

Many politicians will be quick to scapegoat on the issue, while others will make fantastical promises. Don’t buy any of it. Hillary, Barack, and McCain are all too human. We will have to force our leaders to be realistic, if we are to have a fighting chance.


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  1. no. I want perfect leaders. I want them to follow the constitution, a document they are sworn to uphold. I would require that all office holders be drilled on the constitution and if they fail, they cannot take office.

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