Phoenix Farmers’ Market

Last Saturday, Wen-Ling and I paid a visit to the farmers’ market on Central Avenue in Phoenix.  It was a warm, bordering on hot, sunny day.  We were looking forward to the trip.

We wound up buying a fair amount of food.  Wen-Ling had sampled some orange blossom honey and had to have it, even though we have a jar of honey at home already.  That was ok with me.  Before I met Wen-Ling, I used to keep bees.  I appreciate the product and everything that goes into producing it.

I bought some Rainbow Valley Farmer’s Cheese.  It is a rennet-free cheese.  Although I enjoyed it, I prefer cheese produced from rennet.  It has a much fuller flavor, and a somewhat better texture.  This cheese was made from vinegar.

We also bought some fresh vegetables, as well as a dozen chicken eggs and a big goose egg.

We ate the goose egg on Sunday morning as part of an omelet.  It tasted great.  What was quite remarkable about the egg was just how thick the yolk was.  It resisted the puncture of the fork.  When we were scrambling the egg, the yolk created a lot of drag within the egg white. 

The omelet was completed with the addition of some of the vegetables we had purchased Saturday morning.  It made for a very satisfying meal.

 The farmers’ market is certainly worth checking out, if you have the chance.  In addition to the market, they also put on classes.  On May 17th, they will have a Solar and Sustainable Open House (off-site), May 21st they will discuss preparing your garden for summer, and on May 24th they will have a class on raising urban chickens.

In a future post, I will spend some time discussing some of our criticisms of the market.  Wen-Ling and I spent our dinner on Saturday discussing our impressions, and they weren’t all positive.  Stay tuned for that.



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