Saguaro Blooms

The title of this blog is Love/Hate Phoenix. So, I’ll take just a moment to mention something I love. Saguaro blooms are some of the most succulent flowers (no pun intended). They are incredibly rich in pollen, and probably nectar, too. Bees and other insects love them. Some birds love the flowers. Other birds love the insect feast that ensues. It happens every May.

This photo is of the saguaro in my front yard. I couldn’t get a direct frontal shot of the flowers without a ladder. So, I used the telephoto lens to zoom in on these from ground level.


2 Responses

  1. Great photo! I can only imagine the view of these impressive cacti. The desert must be beautiful in spring time!
    Greetings from Munich,

  2. Wow, those are a lot of blooms. I plant large Saguaros that are saved from construction sites. That one sure looks like a beauty. PHX has a lot of love hate for me to. LOVE – access to amazing mountains, deserts, wildlife, trails etc etc. Thats what keeps me sane here.

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