Re: Re: Don’t call me

In Re: Don’t call me I offered Mark Anderson the chance to reply to my comments.  He did.  Here are his remarks:

Dear Mr. Dombrowski,   

Thank you for responding.  We will remove your name from the list and you should not be receiving any more calls from our campaign.  I can understand your point of view regarding the automated messages.  I understand that it can be annoying to get calls that are unwanted.  That is why we try to make it easy for people to get off the list.  If our system is working right, then they just need to call and leave their phone number with the request to be removed, and we can do that within 24 hours, usually.   However, not everyone objects to the phone calls.  I do a lot of door-to-door contacting of people and a number of the people that I have met mentioned that they had received the calls and found them interesting and informative.  I also have a lot of large campaign signs out on the street corners.  Many people consider them to be eyesores and political “litter”.   On the other hand, when I talk with people I find that many of them say “I like your signs”.    The reason I have chosen to use these particular campaign tools is that they are relatively inexpensive compared with television ads and full-color mailings.  My campaign is not funded by high-powered Washington DC lobbyists or special interest groups like several of my opponents.  In order to reach the vast numbers of people in this congressional district, I have to find ways that are cost effective.  I apologize to those who are really bothered by the phone calls or the signs.  I gladly remove anyone’s name from the list so they don’t receive any more calls—from my campaign.  The incumbent congressman Harry Mitchell has sent 6 or 7 slick mailers already using the franking privilege…meaning that these were paid for by taxpayers.  I cannot compete with that kind of revenue source.  I am doing the best I can running a grassroots campaign.  I feel that I can make a difference if I can get my message out there to the voters.  Thank you for your patience, and best wishes,   

Rep. Mark Anderson


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