Living in the desert means sometimes getting sick of sunshine and pining, deep down, for a rainy day. The rains that will last a day or more usually come in the winter or spring. Not often, though.

In the summer we go through the months of May and June with very little precipitation. In July we get our predictable, seasonal rains. We call them monsoons, but they bare little resemblance to the storms that batter Asia.

These are hot summer days, with humidity occasionally building to a climactic thunderstorm. Here in Phoenix, we get a lot of teasers. No rain, just a dust storm, maybe with enough precipitation to make it stick to your car and windows. But, when we do get a good cloudburst, it’s a sight to behold.

In the picture above, you can see a trash-can come rain barrel that Wen-Ling employs to catch the roof runoff. A half-inch of rain is usually good for filling a barrel, since we are catching the rain from the southern facing portion of our roof.


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