New Flavor Combination for Cooks to Experiment With

I plucked a juicy blood-orange off of the tree in my backyard this morning before heading to work.  I ate it after lunch and placed the peels in a paper bowl I had sitting at my desk.  Later, I went to the break room where we have a popcorn machine.  I grabbed a bag of popcorn and sprinkled (doused?) it with some parmesian-garlic flavored salt.

When I got back to my desk, I dumped the orange peels in the trash.  (My wife would scold me because she likes to use the peels to flavor her cooking.)  Then, I poured some of the popcorn into the bowl.  Accompanying the popcorn was all of the parmesian-garlic flavoring that I had added.

This mixed with the oils from the orange rind to create a delicous combination of flavors.  And it was definitely the flavor of the rind and not the orange fruit that tasted so interesting.

Although I can cook, I usually leave the more creative aspects of the culinary arts to Wen-Ling.  However, as an avid eater I know a good thing when I taste it.  Orange peels with garlic and parmesian definitely make a good flavor combination.  This is a   heads-up to all the cooks out there who want to experiment with something new and interesting.


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